LG&E Generating Plant

Updating the LG&E plant with a new environmentally friendly coal ash removal Haul Road and underground utilities. This is all part of a new govt. environmental standard needing to be operational by 2019. The first part is the utility area inside the plant area. An all new underground drainage system was installed and connected into the existing (12” – 48” ADS). New runs of underground sewer, water, fire suppression system and much more were installed and re-routed for the new buildings (2” -16” HDPE and 24” Carbon Steel lines). New sub-grade and paving all over the new ash recycling area and around the cooling towers. The second part is a 6000’ heavy haul road through the hills for the conveyor and trucking of the coal ash to a landfill. The new haul road calls for 36 acres of clearing, over 650,000 Cy’s of material to be moved, almost 200,000 blasted Cy’s, numerous new drainage pipes installed (18” – 60”), new single span bridge over 1838, widening existing ramp on the ash pond, heavy duty asphalt up to 29.5” thick, barrier wall, guard rail, large drainage pond with overflow structures/sluice gates, all new drainage system at the ash bond ramp and the top loop section, utility piping(4” – 36” HDPE)and Storm pipe (18” – 30” with structures) all the way up the haul road and in the loop area for the new buildings.