Three for three! A clean sweep for Louisville Paving & Construction!

The Diamond Commendations: The Diamond Achievement, Diamond Quality, and Diamond Paving, encourage and recognize excellence in operations, production, and placement. Continuous improvement in all aspects of operations is the goal of the program. The commendations are self-assessments that require third-party verification by community leaders, customers, or other individuals not directly affiliated with the company.

Louisville Paving & Construction has been recognized by NAPA for earning all three Diamond Commendations for 2017!

The first is NAPA’s 2017 Diamond Achievement Commendation. This recognition covers operations both at the manufacturing plant and around the plant site. Aspects addressed include appearance, operations, environmental practices, safety, permitting and regulatory compliance, and community relations

The second award is the Diamond Quality Commendation. This award deals with the quality of the material produced. Areas evaluated include quality management, RAP and aggregate handling, asphalt storage, drying and mixing, air quality, truck scales, silos, and control rooms.

And the third recognition is the Diamond Paving Commendation. This recognition is designed for paving crews. Areas evaluated include training of supervisors and crew members, use of best practices in paving, and compliance.

Taken together, the three commendations provide a blueprint for excellence for the asphalt pavement industry, from the plant to the paving site.

The National Asphalt Paving Association (NAPA) Diamond Commendation Program, founded in 1999, gives road owners and pavement specifiers confidence that they are dealing with suppliers who operate in alignment with industry best practices. Good pavements cost a lot of money; bad pavements cost even more. By earning Diamond Commendations for Achievement, Quality, and/or Paving, a company demonstrates its commitment to producing a quality product at a quality facility.