The National Asphalt Pavement Association (NAPA) announced that Louisville Paving & Construction Co. of Louisville, Ky., has won the 2014 Outstanding Website Award.

Louisville Paving & Construction Co.’s decision to redo its company website last year was part of a company-wide recommitment to overall excellence.

John Dougherty, Louisville Paving & Construction Chief Executive Officer, said the old website was 15 years old and “just sat there.” He formed a committee to review, update, and create each page on the new and improved website, which is now receiving record traffic and an increase in employment applications.

“We’re in the top of all the categories we think are important,” Dougherty said. “We track about 15 categories of what we think someone might put in if they are going to search – asphalt, paving, site work, or whatever. We were number one or number two in almost all of them.”

Dougherty said its part of the company’s conscious goal to excel in all areas – training, website, community outreach, safety, and more – which will help the company prosper and reap financial benefits.

“We just have a philosophy that we need to be number one in everything,” he said. “We can’t just do part of it. I think it’s paid off for us.”

The website aims to provide information about the company in a presentable fashion that is easy for the user to navigate. Various headings and drop down menus highlight each division of Louisville Paving & Construction, and the site is updated regularly with current pictures of various jobs and projects. The site is linked to Facebook, Linked In, and Twitter.

“We’re trying to keep it up to date,” he said. “So if someone comes back to it, hopefully they will be encouraged to look further on the site.”

The company’s quarterly newsletter is uploaded as each new addition is released, as well as relevant news articles that highlight completed work and achievements by the company and its employees. In addition, an entire page is dedicated to environmental sustainability and the use of recycled materials.

A design team was hired to create the site, but an employee of Louisville Paving & Construction is able to make the changes and updates in-house, “so we keep it fresh and pertinent.” The web team meets at least quarterly to review the site and update it with the latest news, projects, and spotlights, Dougherty said.

The company’s director of business development receives quite a bit of positive feedback regarding the improved site, Dougherty said.

“It’s been well worth it and I’m glad we did it,” he said.