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Louisville Paving and Construction is committed to producing the highest quality asphalt products anywhere. We operate three modern asphalt plants in the greater Louisville area. Each one is equipped with a DOT certified Quality Assured (QA) / Quality Controlled (QC) laboratory to ensure that every ton of material we produce meets or exceeds our high standards.

All of our lab technicians are state certified and we cross-train and certify our other plant personnel as well. We utilize the Superpave (SUPerior PERforming Asphalt PAVEments) system to make sure our asphalt will last longer and perform better under extreme temperatures and heavy traffic loads. We not only provide conventional asphalt mixes, but our design labs can produce pavements which address properties such as skid resistance, noise levels and high durability. And we produce “warm asphalt” mix, a new concept in environmental design. They make sure that every ton of asphalt we produce, whether for public highways or private business, is the best material on the market. .