Bluegrass Testing
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Bluegrass Testing Laboratory is the premier laboratory for the design and testing of asphalt, asphalt binders, aggregates and concrete in the Midwest.

We are nationally accredited and are currently certified in eight states for testing services conducted in accordance with AASHTO, ASTM and other industry protocols. Bluegrass Testing operates a state-of-the-art laboratory facility divided into four main sections: asphalt binder characterization, aggregate characterization, and both asphalt and concrete mix design. Our testing resources have allowed us to develop a well-rounded research program capable of studying asphalt technology at both the applied and basic research levels.

Asphalt Binder Physical Characterization

  • Dynamic Shear Properties
  • Creep Stiffness
  • Direct Tension
  • Short Term Aging
  • Long Term Aging

Asphalt Binder Chemical Characterization

  • High Pressure Gel Permeation Chromatography (HP-GPC)
  • Asphalt Binder Fraction Analysis
  • Asphalt Binder Extraction and Recovery

Aggregate Characterization

  • Consensus Aggregate Properties
  • Source Aggregate Properties
  • Aggregate Gradation Analysis

Asphalt Mix Design

  • Superpave Mix Design Methods
  • Asphalt Binder Content